From top to bottom: AC threaded Hammerhead Oneshot 12" barrel with birdcage tip - lightly used $60 shipped AC threaded Deadlywind Null carbon fiber barrel 16" double ported - never used $50 shipped A-5 threaded freak back (not XL), 16" deadlywind carbon fiber whip tip, 14" freak front tip (no inserts) - never used $80 shipped $140 shipped takes everything

Have a nice SFT threaded pepperstick kit for sale. Comes as shown and is in great condition. Includes 0.693/91/89/87 backs, 14in, and 16in fronts. Includes matching case that is also in great shape. Will also fit old shoebox shockers. Price: $65 shipped/paypal'd

Selling the Carbon FL tip for $70 message me for pics

have a mint stainless freak xl kit with silver infamous tip and silver cocker threaded back 100% perfect condition 250 firm and all black empire 11 piece hard to find near mint kit cocker threads 200, both with cases pm for pics or text 254 800 5353 u pay shipping

Selling my Tippmann X7 Phenom EGrip with Apex flatline and Lapco barrels. Haven't been able to play the last few years, so I'd rather someone was able to use it. Asking for $200 OBO. Photos here   submitted by   /u/UWbadgers16

Selling my Empire Sniper + barrel kit. Haven't been able to play the last few years, so I'd rather someone was able to use it. It was leaking CO2 when I last tried to lube up the parts, so I imagine it just needs an o-ring. Asking for $150 OBO as is. $220 if I run down to the local repair shop and have them give it a check up. Photos here   submitted by  

$50 shipped. PayPal payment only. Excellent condition - like new. Please send PM if interested.

Have a nice Dye UL Barrel Front/Back for sale. Come as shown and both are in very good condition with virtually no wear. Gloss silver finish. Back is unmarked and autococker threaded. Front when combined makes for a 14in total length. Price Back: $25 shipped/paypal'd Price Front: $25 shipped/paypal'd Price Both: $45 shipped/paypal'd

Title says it. I’m looking to trade my old style gloss black back for a new style in dust black or gloss red. Will add accordingly. Pm me

I was on eBay and found a new freak jr. kit and decided that would be best without looking for used. I only have three inserts and none of them bore for my fields paint only paint sitting at my house. Its one of my worst paintball buys and I'm quite disappointed in myself. I was wondering if anyone here had any freak inserts they were looking to get rid of. I anyone is I'm willing to buy them from you. Thanks, Stay Agg, my paintball friends

Have an extra Dye UL barrel front up for grabs. Comes as shown below and is in overall good condition with typical wear and tear. Tip is a dark green/olive color and 14in when coupled with the back. Price 14in Front: $25 shipped/paypal'd

I have two tips that were left over from my cf boomstick kit. The backs have been sold and all i have left are these. The 10 inch has some flaws on the tip. The 8 inch is perfectly fine being that i rarely ever used it. 8 inch 35 shipped 10 inch 40 shipped Take em both for 70 shipped.

Pictures: Asking for $1,000.00. If you would like me to ship it please let me know as the price would need to be changed to include shipping as well. Cool Leonardo Barrel Condom included   submitted by   /u/ITageI

Going to a Freak XL kit and Freak XL CF barrel instead of the FL barrel system on my LV 1.6 anyone have a kit and XL CF barrel for sale or trade?

FREAK KIT - Put together from eBay and spare parts. Barrel back is like new and barely used. Tip is from an old kit but looks pretty good. All inserts pictured included. Exalt case is a C condition but both zippers work and it holds everything fine. 110 shipped FREAK BARREL W/ .689 INSERT - This is a master sconi barrel back and a really old epiphany tip. The tip is a 6 maybe a 7 o

Looking to buy a .685 Shaft FL barrel back. Preference in colors is for bronze or silver (looking to match a combat 5 color way CS1.5) but I’m open to black or other neutral colors. Please PM me with what you have, I have PayPal ready!

Two Freak insert sets up for sale. Set #1 - 7-piece .682 .684 .687 .689 .691 .693 .695 Asking $65 all-in including fees and shipping to the lower 48 Set #2 - 8-piece .679 .682 .684 .687 .689 .691 .693 .695 Asking $75 all-in incl

Old style Stainless steel freak back, cocker thread 45$ shipped PP Gift or add for G&S Red Old freak front All American porting, has some gouges and some tape residue in the out side, makes a 16” barre when assembled with a back 40$

CP Barrel kit - .679, .682, .685, .689 + 3 tips (black is Dynasty) Price is $85 OBO Dye UL Tree Lime barrel tip Price is $60 obo

WTB: mayday barrel kit or 686 back

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